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     ·         We sell only our own and not strange domains.

     ·         All operations are performed on 100 percent prepaid.

     ·         Transferring of the domainsoccurs only online through push.

     ·         Push - is an instant transmission of the domain with code. 

     ·         All domains with TM transmitted with it.

     ·         Changing of all domain settingsoccurs by the money of buyer.

     ·         Payment of the domain occurs by any convenient way for you.

     ·         Payment can be performed only by the listed ways.

     ·         If you want to sell the domain  - write to us.

     ·         To sell the domain, you must specify it url and all its settings. 

     ·         We provide only listed services.

     ·         If you need other services - write to us.

     ·         All services provide onlywith our agreement.

     ·         Registration of all trade mark occurs onlythrough a notary.

     ·         Domain – is the name, zone and area inthe network.

     ·         Generic Top-Level Domain – the domain for some organizations. 

     ·        All request for the domains will beconsidered by the administration.