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    Lab may refer to: 

    • an informal name for a laboratory, a facility to conduct scientific research.
    • a short form for the Labrador Retriever, a breed of dogs
    • LaB, an acronym for the company Lily and Becs
    • L.A.B. diploma which stands for Licentiate of the Associated Board
    • the IATA code for Lablab Airport, an airport in Lablab, Papua New Guinea
    • Láb, a village near Bratislava in western Slovakia
    • LAB (band), a Finnish band
    • Lab color space
    • LAB – Linhas Aéreas Brasileiras, a defunct Brazilian airline
    • LAB Records, a British-based independent record label
    • Lab (river), a river in the north-eastern part of Kosovo
    • Latin American Briton, an ethnic group of the United Kingdom
    • Lactic acid bacteria, a group of bacteria useful to the dairy, wine, and food industries
    • Langile Abertzaleen Batzordeak, a basque national trade union
    • League of American Bicyclists, the association of cyclists of the United States, formerly the League of American Wheelmen.
    • Library Association of Bangladesh
    • Linear alkyl benzene, a common inexpensive surfactant used in many industrial and household detergent formulations
    • Linux as bootloader
    • Live aus Berlin, a recording of a 1999 concert by the German band Rammstein
    • Lloyd Aéreo Boliviano, a defunct Bolivian airline
    • Lloyd Your
    • Long Aston Bypass
    • Los Angeles Baptist High School, a Christian, college preparatory high school