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Reddit is a social network of technologists


    Well, let's continue the topic of social networks?
    This time I’ll talk about - a social network of technologists. It is very
    different from or Looking at the sections of Reddit,
    one can appreciate the “nature” of the audience: programming, science, politics,
    business, gadgets, sports, gaming, entertainment.
    The blondies do not belong here but we don’t really need them. We need traffic,
    a lot of traffic, and Reddit will help us with that.
    It is worth noting that at that time my profile had zero karma, meaning “1” and I
    had absolutely no experience with Reddit. However, this did not become an
    obstacle to a “quick start.” Also, I have only one profile, I do not have a “support
    group” and actually there was no one to ask for a vote…
    My first steps were unsuccessful and I realized that an efficient posting requires a
    more upgraded account, I didn’t have a few months to promote it, so I googled and
    bought accounts on this service:
    I also bought about 50 votes per post for $12 to get to the first page of the
    To my greatest surprise... in an hour my post was on the first page of Reddit. Of
    course, I did not expect such a turnout, getting on the first page and so fast... Two
    hours after publication, the post had 351 votes and 113 comments, three hours
    later there were 629 votes and 253 comments, five hours later the votes exceeded
    800 points, and the comments stepped over the number 350... and I went to sleep,
    knowing that in the morning Google Analytics would calculate everything in detail
    and tell me who, how much and where from.
    The blog had traffic even before posting to Reddit, so a flat line until November 20
    is not a zero. As a result, by 6 am the next day the post had: 1340 points and 680
    comments, profile karma rose from 50 to 750.
    As you can see in a few hours of the link being on the main page of Reddit, there
    were more than 40,000 visitors on the website, also, from there were
    more than 50.5K unique visitors arrived in a day.
    I want to add, the joy of entering the top of Reddit would not be complete if it
    weren’t for the bonus attached - the links from news aggregators, forums, and
    blogs that appear as a result of breaking news to the top.
    Getting to the top is not only traffic from Reddit itself, but it is also traffic from
    other websites. And not only that, if all links on have the nofollow
    attribute, in other words, have no practical use for the website in the light of SEO,
    then on those websites and blogs that "take" the news from Reddit links are quite
    real without nofollow.
    In general, comrades, you can work with Reddit, it’s proven!