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    Teacher may refer to:

    • Teachers, people who provide schooling for pupils and students
    • Teachers (ministry), one of the five Ascension Gift Ministries
    • Teachers (UK TV series), a British sitcom
    • Teachers (U.S. TV series), an American version of the British sitcom of the same name
    • Teachers (film), a 1984 drama film, starring Nick Nolte and JoBeth Williams
    • Teachers TV, a free-to-air television channel in the UK
    • Teachers, Canadian institution managing the Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan
    • "Teachers", a song by Leonard Cohen from his album Songs of Leonard Cohen
    • "Teachers", a song by Daft Punk from their album Homework
    • "Teachers", a song by P.O.D. from their album Testify
    • "Teacher", an episode of the British sitcom Miranda
    • Teacher's Highland Cream, a blended whisky named after William Teacher