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    Wo may refer to:

    • Wo (kana), a Japanese kana
    • Wolof language ISO 639-1 code
    • Wa (Japan), an elder Chinese name for Japan
    • Wo, the name of China Unicom's 3g network
    • Wo Ding, traditionally believed to be a king of the Shang Dynasty
    • Wo Jia, a king of the Shang Dynasty
    • Wo Weihan (1949-2008), a Chinese scientist and entrepreneur executed for allegedly spying for Taiwan
    • Wo Fat, a fictional nemesis of Steve McGarrett on the television show Hawaii 5-0
    • Zhang Wo, a Chinese painter of the Yuan Dynasty

    Wo may be an acronym for:

    • Walk over, a term in sports and elections
    • Warrant Officer
    • WebObjects, a web application platform
    • Wine of Origin, a designated area for the production of South African wine
    • World Airways (IATA code)
    • Warhammer Online, a MMORPG
    • Write-off, a term often used to describe that a vehicle is damaged beyond economic repair